Here are some earlier Simone & Ajax adventures you can download to your computer, iPad, Kindle, etc. They’re available in both PDF and CBZ format.
Right-click on the links below to download. Enjoy!


An early black & white tale in which Simone & Ajax face the horror of:


5 pages: PDF | CBZ



The final black & white story

Leads into the first color story

In which Simone & Ajax must defend a lost, prehistoric land from an ancient evil

20 page: preview PDF | CBZ



In which Simone & Ajax, private eyes, face myriad menaces in their round-the-world quest to solve the secret of the last Mallard of Malta

8 page: preview PDF | CBZ



In which Simone & Ajax must save Santa and Christmas itself from a greedy, big-business take-over

8 page: preview PDF | CBZ


Simone, Queen of the Jungle and the full versions of both The Case of the Maltese Duck (62 pages) and A Christmas Caper (45 pages) are all collected, along with some extras, in the paperback book, The Adventures of Simone Ajax.

You can buy it here!